The United Arab Emirates University honors 30 supplier and calls for the highest standards of quality and transparency

The 1st Suppliers’ Forum:

The Procurement Department at the United Arab Emirates University organized its first suppliers’ forum to honor outstanding suppliers in 2015. It was held in the presence of Professor Faeqa Hilal, Secretary-General of the United Arab Emirates University, representatives from 250 suppliers and university staff on the morning of Thursday, 11/2/2016, in the theater in the Crescent Building on the Maqam Campus.

The Secretary-General stressed that UAEU is keen to strengthen its relationships with suppliers in order to gain mutual benefit, build lasting professional relationships, improve performance and share services. She added that, “The United Arab Emirates University is working to ensure the highest quality and transparency standards, especially in dealing with suppliers, by developing communication and the exchange of information. This facilitates a higher quality of performance.”

Mr. Saeed Al Ameri, Director of the Procurement Department, stated that, “The United Arab Emirates University seeks to strengthen relationships and build long-term partnerships with suppliers as well as evaluating performance, meeting needs, addressing complaints and considering suggestions.”

The ceremony concluded by honoring 30 suppliers. After which, a brief presentation regarding how suppliers are evaluated was shown, followed by a panel discussion  that considered suppliers’ suggestions in view of UAEU’s standards of administration, quality, efficiency and transparency. 

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