As part of the ‘Esteqtab’ initiative the College of Science at the United Arab Emirates University boosts its scientific research

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As part of the United Arab Emirates University’s drive for leadership and excellence in research, the College of Science at UAEU launched the ‘Esteqtab’ initiative on Thursday, January 14th, 2016. Dr. Ahmed Murad, Dean of the College of Science, explained that the initiative is to encourage high school students to study in the College of Science and contribute to research. This is done by visiting secondary schools in the different Emirates and holding events that highlight the College of Science and its various programs. This is done in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and Abu Dhabi Education Council under the patronage of the Total Oil Company.

These activities include a number of exhibitions and events that seek to introduce high school students to scientific research programs and advertise scholarships. Dr. Murad said that, “this initiative is part of the university’s efforts to promote scientific research by offering projects to attract students to take part in university workshops. As such, secondary schools will be invited to participate in activities. This year students from Al Dhafra Private School, Sweihan School and university students from both the Chemistry and Geology Departments will take part in joint projects. This is part of UAEU’s strategy to prioritize research in the water and health sectors.” He stressed that UAEU constantly seeks leadership and excellence in research to strengthen the nation’s vision of building a future generation of researchers who have the research tools to develop research agendas for the UAE’s future.

Dr. Murad also pointed out that the ‘Esteqtab’ initiative will organize visits by high school students to the College of Science laboratories in order to carry out joint research projects between both the college and the schools. They will be supervised by researchers and college faculty. The projects include the removal of heavy elements from industrial waste and groundwater (Sweihan School), which is supervised by Dr. Ahmed Suleiman from the Department of Chemistry; a project to use chemically-treated nano-granules to treat industrial wastewater (Al Dhafra Private School), supervised by Dr. Yaser Afifi from the Department of Chemistry; a project on treating osteoporosis in the Department of Chemistry and a project where water is fed into an underground reservoir using geophysical and hydrological methodology. Finally, there is a project to test medication by using an NMR for ‘CB7’ as well as other projects.

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