The United Arab Emirates University organizes a legal workshop at the Science Park

With the Dubai Economic Council and Al Tamimi Company

The United Arab Emirates University organized a legal workshop for those participating in the Chancellor’s Innovation Award on Wednesday, January 27th, 2016, at the UAEU Science and Innovation Park. It is part of the third phase of the Business Incubators Program (Research and Graduate Studies Section) and was held in collaboration with the Dubai Economic Council and the Al Tamimi Company.

Professor Ghaleb Ali Al Hadrami, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, explained that the United Arab Emirates University, as part of its vision for leadership and research excellence, prioritizes the National Innovation Strategy. As such, it seeks to conduct research to meet future challenges in renewable energy, water, health, education and human resources. He said that, “the Research and Graduate Studies Section works on implementing this vision through the development and protection of innovations and patents. This helps to preserve the intellectual property rights of the United Arab Emirates University. Therefore, this legal workshop helps to protect the winners of the Chancellor’s Innovation Award.”

Dr. Shawqi Kharbash, Executive Director of the UAEU Science and Innovation Park, said that, “this legal workshop complements the Business Incubators Program in order to preserve intellectual property rights in accordance with international business standards and allows the UAEU Science and Innovation Park to compete internationally.”

Mr. Tarek Hajjiri, Director of Legal Policy Department of the Dubai Economic Council, presented on the challenges that face entrepreneurs. As a result limited liability companies need greater political and legal legislation to protect their intellectual property in order to turn their ideas into business ventures. Therefore, the workshop provided guidance on how to manage intellectual property rights. He pointed out that the Dubai Economic Council represents the UAE government and is working to develop legislation and that protects innovators. He described the legal formulas and business models in the workshop.

Mr. Omar Obeidat, Head of the Intellectual Property Department at Al Tamimi Company, added that legal requirements must exist to protect intellectual property rights and to meet standards. This allows for the registering of patents that are in line with UAE and UAEU Vision 2021. He also gave a presentation on intellectual property rights and the risks and opportunities arising from the law. He discussed financial capacities in terms of budgets, auditing and an analysis of opportunities and risks across business models. He added more information about regional and international competition and how it affects innovators.

The participants received legal advice about how to establish private enterprises for their award winning projects and about how to protect their intellectual and project development rights. The respective business models and product development opportunities were discussed with a view to encouraging start-up companies under the supervision, management and patronage of the Research and Graduate Studies Sector at the United Arab Emirates University.

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