Participants present the on-going development of their projects at the UAEU Science Park

As part of the Business Incubator Program

 The Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies at the United Arab Emirates University oversaw presentations on Thursday, January 21st, 2016 about new ideas in the Business Incubator Program at the UAEU Science and Innovation Park. This was part of the second developmental phase of the program.

The teams presented ideas in their current stage of development. These projects have all already won the Chancellor’s Award for Innovation. The on-going projects were submitted to the Scientific Evaluation Committee for approval. They are: a project to develop drones for digital scanning, aerial photography and remote sensing (SIUIV); a project to generate electricity from moving vehicles (Green Wheels); a project to produce a ‘Smart Helmet’; another project to improve software and network security in educational applications (Edu System), and an information analysis program to improve corporate decision-making (Info Net).

Professor Ghaleb Ali Al Hadrami, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, emphasized the university’s support for these projects. He added that UAEU gives priority to projects that contribute to developing key national sectors as identified in the National Innovation Strategy. The university pursues this strategy in order to contribute to scientific research in areas such as renewable energy, water resources, education, healthcare, human resources, science and space technology. Professor Al Hadrami wished the participants in the program every success.

Dr. Shawqi Kharbash, Executive Director of the UAEU Science and Innovation Park, explained that the participants had already delivered presentations the committee. The goal of this stage was to develop an innovative business model and to present it in a professional and creative manner in order to attract investors. This will create funding and help to establish new, sustainable companies that are globally competitive. This presentation was part of the ‘From Model to Marketing’ unit of the Business Incubator Program.

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