The United Arab Emirates University completes academic counseling for new students for the second semester of academic year 2016-2015

As part of its efforts to achieve leadership and excellence the University College completed its academic counseling for new students starting in the second semester of academic year 2015-2016 on Wednesday, January 13th in the theatre of the Crescent Building. It was conducted in the presence of Dr. Hassan Al Naboodah, Dean of the University College. The academic advising team, faculty and new students were all present in an effort to assist students while ensuring the highest standards of quality, efficiency and transparency.

Dr. Al Naboodah’s delivered a speech in which he said that, “We in the University College are pleased to provide facilities, advisory services and registration formalities. We are always ready to receive questions related to academic life at UAEU”. He stressed that the university and the college provide everything necessary to develop students to prepare them for future leadership in accordance with the university's vision, objectives and mission statement.

Dr. Al Naboodah explained the objectives of the program and how to enroll in college programs in the various disciplines. He also explained attendance regulations, examination policy, and the ethics of the university’s policy. He said that the University College helps students to make the transition from secondary school to university successfully as it introduces them to their colleges and teaches them to access available resources, He urged students to be self-starters and life-long learners and to participate in some of the different activities on offer.

Paul Morley, coordinator of the Academic Advising Program in the Student Academic Success Program (SASP), which will teach academic, professional and technical training courses and workshops to better prepare students to enter the labor market after graduation. This can be accessed chiefly through the ‘BlackBoard’ platform.

Finally, the students toured the campus to learn about the various colleges and facilities related to the University College.

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