The Student Affairs and Enrollment Unit organizes a panel discussion entitled Qara’tu Lakum

As part of the Kuttab Café

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As part of the Year of Reading 2016 the United Arab Emirates University’s Student Affairs and Enrollment Unit organized a presentation about the book ‘You’ll See It When You Believe It- Your Way to Your Personal Transformation’ by Wayne W. Dye, on Wednesday, 20/7/2016 in the campus Reading Corner. Dr. Ali Al Kaabi, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Enrollment, and number of staff were present.

Dr. Ali Al Kaabi said that, “This event is sponsored by the university and is one of several monthly events which aim to promote cultural awareness about reading and its role in the community. Through reading we learn more about science and gain knowledge that can help to achieve sustainable development for future generations.”

Professor Yaser Said Al Dahi from the Student Activities Department delivered a presentation on the book, and said the fundamental idea was that that we are a spirit within a body, and not just a body that may or may not have a spirit. The book asks us to recognize this fact and to think about how our lives can be changed. He explained that the theme of the book asks us not so much to change our behavior but to change our thoughts.

At the end there was a dialogue between the lecturer and the audience on several themes from the book. Most notably on philosophy, the motivation to change, and ignoring material things that do not represent core human values.

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