UAEU holds brainstorming session to launch the "Smart Electronic Atlas" initiative

The Geography and Urban Planning Department in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) organized a brainstorming session for the “Smart Electronic Atlas” initiative proposal, in the presence of Dr. Saif Al Mahrouqi, Deputy Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dr. Khaula Al Kaabi, Chair of the Department of Geography and Urban Planning, faculty members, and several government and private sector agencies and schools in the State. 

Dr. Saif Al Mahrouqi welcomed the attendees and thanked them for their presence, and thanked the Department of Geography for their efforts. He said: "this initiative is not alien to the Geography Department, reflecting upon the work done by the University by providing the community and the State with their scientific studies and research needs", adding: “This meeting today comes to discuss the launch of the Electronic Atlas initiative which corresponds with our needs today in this electronic world. We hope that this meeting will be successful so that we can launch it for all the relevant authorities and institutions".

Dr. Khaula Al Kaabi said: “The brainstorming session for the proposal of the ‘Smart Electronic Atlas’ initiative is designed to provide the geographic data required by the State. In addition to providing the training of students and graduates in the Department of Geography on how maps work and the problems they may encounter, and how to correct them through the data and coordinates, under the supervision of professors in the Geography Department. That way the student acquires the experience and the requirements that institutions looks for in its new employees, allowing them better opportunities to find employment upon graduation”.

It is worth mentioning, that the Department of Geography at UAEU issued in 1993, the National Atlas of the United Arab Emirates, and has since been updated to the electronic version.

Many public and private sector institutions, schools, teachers and outstanding students from different parts of the State attended the meeting, to give their views and proposals regarding the main topics in the brainstorming session, including; the Atlas content, managing its data and electronic format, in addition to addressing the challenges and opportunities that this initiative is expected to experience.

The University has recently started training workshops on electronic teaching tools; in order to strengthen the University's vision to adopt the smart transformation in all fields and faculties by discussing application initiatives that support the smart government.

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