Female students from Department of Mathematical Science at UAEU develop a new mathematical method to study improvement of some industrial products

Female students from the Department of Mathematical Science in the College of Science at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) developed a new mathematical method that relies on the use of some mathematical measurements and then processing them via computer to determine the properties of viscosity of some materials and their efficiency, through the development of a numerical algorithm for solving non-linear differential equations, which will contribute to improving the efficiency of some industrial products within specific manufacturing standards.

The students, under the supervision of Dr. Qasem Madallal, discussed an engineering practical application used to study the convective heat transfer from a cylinder, which is filled with viscous fluid, penetrable, and absorbable. This engineering application is of high importance in many industrial applications, such as manufacturing and extracting polymer and rubber sheet, melting spinning, and the production of paper and fiber glass, etc. In addition, the quality of industrial products depends greatly on different factors that contribute to the engineering application, such as temperature, absorption rate, and others, which have been studied in this project.

Currently, the students are studying this method intensively, and they will be able to develop it in the future to do research and practical projects. They also summed up their conclusions after studying this application in two points; the size of the cylinder surface friction coefficient increases with the increase of surface absorption coefficient, and the size of cylinder surface friction coefficient decreases with the increase of change coefficient in the diameter of the cylinder.

Due to the fact that a large number of researchers in the past few years were interested in the differential equations of high value and grades, whether in the fields of mathematics, physics, or engineering, and because of the increased focus on this area whose various applications are of great importance in several areas, such as mechanical fluid science, electromagnetic science, acoustics, earth science, chemistry, biology, physics and other sciences, this initiative comes in line with the University’s mission to develop scientific research and innovation in areas of national and regional importance, and to produce graduates who will become leaders in their fields.

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