UAEU establishes an entertaining physics laboratory to promote innovation

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The College of Science of the United Arab Emirates University has established the Entraining Physics Laboratory in support of the spirit of innovation and scientific research among students, in which the principles of physics are taught in an interesting and entertaining way that makes the students curious about learning in this field.

Dr. Ahmed Murad, Acting Dean of the College of Science, confirmed that physics is one of the basic sciences of different and broad applications, and many around us believe that physics is difficult. So the College of Science has sought through this leading laboratory to spread the spirit of creativity and innovation among students, and to make physics more interesting for them, in line with the national strategies and initiatives to promote innovation and its culture.

Because physics is the basis of the technological applications around us in our daily lives, the Entertaining Physics Laboratory aims to provide adequate explanations for many of the natural phenomena that occur around us, which we cannot explain, such as light scattering, interference, the transfer of sound, the three-dimensional image, the center of gravity, light refraction, conducting and insulating materials, static electricity, and a lot of other natural phenomena.

The laboratory will also help to simplify the laws of physics to students, and to make them curious to learn more about physics, such as Newton's laws of motion.

It is worth mentioning that the laboratory's activities are not only specifically for the University’s students, but also for the various school students to visit and learn about this field before joining university.

The Entertaining Physics Laboratory has been provided with equipment crucial to many experiments in all branches of physics; motion, force, light, sound, magnetism, heat, waves, renewable energy, and static electricity. So far, many of the projects completed in this laboratory were displayed during the student activities exhibitions at the University, such as the Smart Home that uses clean energy, Pascal Crane used in automobiles laundries, and others.

Furthermore, the College is currently working on the development of the laboratory to suit all that is new in physics, so as to develop students' skills, in line with the vision of the University based on the development of innovation skills in the important areas, and in order to create a supportive environment for creative ideas and innovators.

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