In collaboration with the Swedish Uppsala University, a research team from UAEU is studying sea level changes in the State

A research team of professors from the Department of Geology in the College of Science at United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) is conducting a study of sea level changes in the UAE, in order to determine the geological phenomena caused by changes in the ancient climatic conditions and the accompanying sea-level fluctuations, in collaboration with the Uppsala University in Sweden, where the preliminary study made a geological survey of the coastal and internal parts close to the coast.

Dr. Ahmed Murad, Acting Dean of the College of Science said that the College places utmost importance on scientific research in contributing to development of the country in all fields, noting the role of the University in supporting researchers to develop scientific research and innovation capacities in relevant aspects at the national level.

It is worth mentioning that the group of researchers consisting of: Dr. Ala Aldahan, Dr. Osman Abdelghany, Dr. Hasan Arman, Dr. Mahmoud Abu Saima and Dr. Thomas Fowler, managed through this study to reach results that indicate the existence of shells and fossils of clams, snails, corals and algae, in addition to microscopic fossils of marine organisms, which indicate the presence of an ancient coast and tide in the study areas, where the radioactive isotope carbon 14 analyses demonstrated that the timetable of these specimens varies between 1600 and twenty eight thousand years before the present time compared to previously published rates.

The researchers confirmed the continuity of scientific research to gather more scientific evidence to help build a scientific database useful in tracking changes in the coast in the modern geological period.

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