Conclusion of the Fifth International Conference on Mathematical Sciences at the United Arab Emirates University

The College of Science at the United Arab Emirates University concluded the Fifth International Conference on Mathematical Sciences (ICM 2016) on Thursday 24th of March 2016. There were more than 120 researchers from around the world. Dr. Ahmed Murad, Acting Dean of the College of Science, department heads and delegates were all in attendance.

The conference included a variety of lectures and workshops, during which nearly 90 papers were presented, over the four days. They focused on community health, the treatment of chronic diseases and on reducing the spread of infectious diseases. The papers also discussed mathematical finance, stock markets and the role of mathematics in investment portfolio management, as well as encoding and encryption cryptographic systems which are part of modern communication security. There were also updates on pure mathematics such as algebra, real and compound analysis.

The conference recommended following up on the international assessment of study plans and encouraging research while continuing with cooperation between universities. The formation of a joint committee to organize future conferences and look at social development in cooperation with the UAEU Department of Mathematical Sciences and other national institutions was also suggested. UAEU also seeks cooperation with international organizations such as the American Mathematical Society and the British Institute of Mathematics. This is part of the vision of the university to develop research capabilities and build partnerships with research centers, organizations and corporations both regionally and internationally in order to share experiences.


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