Inaugurates "Fikra" Center the first of its kind in residential life at UAE University.

Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment: 

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The Residential Life Department in UAE University opened "Fikra" Center, which is the first of its kind in the student housing, to be distributed to all university housings, to achieve social and academic integration and personal development, providing a learning environment that helps students to study effectively, in addition to introducing awareness and entertainment events, on Tuesday 1st of March 2016, at the female housing unit A, in the presence of Dr. Ali Alkaabi, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment, and a number of officials and female students.

Dr. Ali Alkaabi stressed “the University’s support for these creative ideas, reflecting the excellence of UAE University students and their creative initiatives" and he called on the female students to pursue and implement creative ideas and convert the project to an idea again for continued success and excellence.

The student Muna Al Khazaali -the founder of the “Fikra” Center - worked with 90 student for its implementation on the ground, to be a cultural, study and social center, where the Center is divided into several corners, including a reading corner, group study corner, individual study corner, and an external study corner which is available in a quiet outdoor area, “Fikra” Center is not limited to providing an appropriate place to study, but will launch initiatives and competitions in the future that enhance its role as a means to launch ideas and creativity, such as allocating Tuesday of every week to provide an activity entitled "Good evening residence", in which a topic for discussion and debate will be introduced.

A short film about the idea of the Center and its beginning as a "dream" was presented, and the film "Truth" and the steps that the female students have worked hard to achieve, in addition to an epic show presented by the child Amneh Abbas Baloshi, Dr. Ali Alkaabi toured the Center and gave ideas and supporting the efforts of the students.



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