The United Arab Emirates University organizes a brainstorming session to exchange creative ideas

To work towards a knowledge based economy: 

The United Arab Emirates University’s Science and Innovation Park organized a brainstorming session to exchange ideas about innovation on Tuesday 3rd of March 2016 in the Crescent Building. This was, held in cooperation with the Human Resources Development and Training Department as part of the Arab Excellence initiative.

Dr. Nihal Shubrak Program Director of the Science Park said that “innovation is necessary for the UAE to strengthen its position on the world economic map. This program aims to contribute to building a sustainable knowledge-based economy by creating collaboration between the university, the community and the business world. It will intensify the partnership between the public and private sectors in strategic areas such as renewable energy, transportation, education, health, water resources and others.”

Hamza Chraibi, the chairman and founder of the Arab Excellence initiative, gave a presentation on the fundamentals of successful projects and the different techniques that are used to support innovative ideas. He also highlighted achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship in the Arab world.

This program is part of the transition from an oil-based economy to one based on knowledge and innovation. The university seeks to contribute to development by encouraging entrepreneurship to benefit individuals and society.

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