The United Arab Emirates University organizes a workshop on ‘Inspiration and Innovation: Practical Applications’ as part of the Business Incubators Program in the Science Park

As part of the Business Incubators Program for entrepreneurs and innovators the United Arab Emirates University organized a workshop from February 24th - March 3rd 2016 in the Science and Innovation Park. It was for those participating in the Chancellor’s Award for Innovation. The workshop was held under the banner of ‘Inspiration and Innovation: Practical Applications’ abd is part of the ninth and tenth phases of the Business Incubators Program that runs until May 15th, 2016. The workshop was attended by Professor Ghaleb Al Hadrami, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies; Dr. Shawqi Kharbash, the executive director of the UAEU Science and Innovation Park; Hamza Chraibi, president and founder of Arab Excellence for business start-ups; consultants; advisors and researchers from France, England, Canada, Belgium, the United States, South Korea and China.

Professor Al Hadrami said that UAEU prioritizes innovation as it faces future challenges. He said that, “we are working on providing a wide range of tools, techniques, studies and international business models to enable researchers, inventors and creators to come up with initiatives and innovative solutions that can contribute to global research projects.” This all promotes innovation, creative thinking, the use of practical methodology and incorporates international experiences. The workshop was followed by an assessment of the projects where advisors from many countries supervised, motivated and suggested strategic approaches to sustain emerging companies and enable them to compete internationally.

Hamza Chraibi presented models to stimulate and inspire as well as suggesting how to build a network of business relationships. The committee listened to the entrepreneurs and looked at their plans for emerging companies. Therefore, these innovations are being evaluated by international experts before the participants move to the operational stage of their plan.

Dr. Shawqi Kharbash praised the international consultants for assisting the emerging companies by sharing their experience and knowledge of marketing. He also praised the progress of the projects and honored the committee of advisors who took part in the Business Incubators Programs.

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