United Arab Emirates University approves financing 94 research projects

With a value of 44 million Dirhams for 2016

 Dr. Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, Vice Chancellor of the United Arab Emirates University, stressed that the University is always keen to support scientific research, creativity, and innovation as per the major strategic research requirements of the UAE, in order to enhance its prestigious scientific and research position among the world’s universities, and in line with the University's vision of leadership and excellence. Therefore, the University has allocated a total budget of 44 million Dirhams to finance 94 new research projects at the University in 2016.

Al-Nuaimi explained that the University is working to promote the culture of scientific research and excellence, and encourage the researchers from the faculty members of the University to conduct more research, in order to contribute to finding innovative research and scientific solutions to address the strategic challenges of the State in important sectors, such as health, water, energy, transport, biotechnology, information technology, and other strategic priorities of the UAE.


Professor Ghaleb Al Hadrami, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, pointed out that the University’s funding of scientific research for this year came to enhance the role of the University in supporting researchers and scientists to conduct more outstanding scientific research, stressing that the number of scientific research projects for this year has reached 94 research projects, including three main categories; 35 research projects within the advanced scientific research category, 32 research projects within the University's research centers category, and 26 research projects within the category of new faculty members at the University, and they also include various fields; science, engineering, medicine and health sciences, information technology, food and agriculture, humanities and social sciences, business and economics, education, and law, and they have been assessed by international experts with high academic status from different countries of the world.

Funding has included; 31 projects in the field of health, 12 projects in the field of energy, 4 in the field of water, 7 in the field of information technology, 5 in the field of transport, 4 in the field of education, 3 in the field of biotechnology, and 14 in other important areas in the State, noting that the University has increased the value allocated for financing intra-research projects within the research centers and advanced research, with a maximum of 800,000 Dirhams, provided the appointment of researchers from distinguished PhD students.

This is part of the University's policy to support scientific research, which allows researchers to propose innovative research projects in a wide range of research areas that have the potential to achieve a quantum leap in their respective fields, and that enhances the University's vision of leadership and excellence in scientific research.

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