The United Arab Emirates University becomes the first state university to receive international institutional accreditation in the region

The United Arab Emirates University recently became accredited with the international accreditation body WSCUC for the following 6 years. This means the adoption of globally recognized standards in programs and institutional processes and the assurance of certain qualities in educational policies. This is part of the university’s national strategy. 

Dr. Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, Vice Chancellor of UAEU, stressed that institutional accreditation is only one of step being undertaken by the university in its attempts to pursue excellence on an international level. He said that, “the United Arab Emirates University is at the forefront of higher education in the UAE. It’s is the first university in the country and supplies the labor market with well-qualified graduates. It also has a role to play in the development of the UAE and a contribution to make to local society. UAEU supports sustainable development and research as the United Arab Emirates University continues to produce outstanding graduates who excel in a variety of fields.”

Dr. Al Nuaimi congratulated the government of the UAE on this achievement and UAEU faculty and staff on their outstanding efforts that have resulted in institutional recognition. He added that, “it is a strategic goal of the university to seek quality assurance in line with international standards in order to earn the confidence and respect of the international academic community.”

UAEU is the first state university in the region to receive WASC (Senior College and University Commission: WSCUC) accreditation and did so by fulfilling key requirements in terms of standards. These include a clear vision and mission, effective leadership, the quality of teaching and learning and other global standards as promoted by WSCUC. This accreditation body is considered as one of the most prestigious academic accreditation institutions in the world and focuses on the quality of educational outcomes and institutional processes in line with the highest of international standards.

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Dec 13, 2017