United Arab Emirates University organizes several events and competitions in solidarity with Blue Planet Day


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The United Arab Emirates University organized a variety of lectures, events, and activities on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016, to mark World Water Day.  The activity drew participants from both inside and outside the UAE community.

The College of Science, in collaboration with the National Water Center, organized the International Symposium of Hohai, Peking, and West England universities for graduate students.  Information on ways to manage and track sources of water, as well as scientific progress in this area were presented, and a number of discussions about water issues took place.  

Dr. Ahmed Murad, Dean of the College of Science, said: "Organizing an event on this Day aims to draw the attention of the community to the water issues and crises, and methods to address them. We want to raise the students’ awareness of the importance of these types of studies related to water, the most primary resource of our planet."  Dr. Murad further explained that the theme of World Water Day this year is about future opportunities and careers and hence the focus was on the graduate students, who are expected to represent competencies in the local and international community in the future.  At the end of the Symposium, the Dean honored the international participants.

The College also organized a Swimming and Water Ball Competition, in order to get participants to consider water issues and their link with daily life.  The activities of World Water Day will continue for two days. The "Enjoy Water" event will be organized on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016, where examples of how to purify and treat water will be presented.  These are open to all attendees, as well as other activities that link academic study with practical application.

In addition, the Department of Geography and Urban Planning and the Geography Club, held a lecture entitled: "About the environmental and economic water problem in the UAE, and the future of water and the challenges facing the region as a result of the scarcity and depletion of groundwater ".  This was delivered by Dr. Tareefa Al Sumaiti, Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography and Urban Planning.  

Prof. Saif Al Qaydi, Dean of College of Humanities and Social Sciences, said at the opening speech: "Water issues are a vital topic as water is a fundamental pillar of sustainable development." He also noted the need to identify the importance of water management and rational consumption to the community, through including it in school curricula and holding awareness lectures for students to raise their awareness about the problem of scarcity of water in quantity and quality in the State. The activities of World Water Day also included an exhibition of student activities on water.

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