The College of Science honors its elite students and organizes a workshop to guide them in their future careers.

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On Wednesday March 16, 2016, The College of Science at United Arab Emirates University organized an interactive workshop for the academic and administrative bodies and their role in facilitating students’ career choices.  Specifically, the members focused on how to guide students in securing jobs in their chosen fields.  Dr. Ahmed Murad, Acting Dean of the College of Science led the workshop.

The workshop’s goal was to provide academics with the necessary skills needed to assist students in choosing the most suitable job for their qualifications.  This entailed guiding them in the future to perform the different job tasks with a high degree of efficiency and productivity.  Participants engaged in activities such as how to answer questions that are frequently asked by students about the most suitable career paths with the aim of increasing the success rates of students who utilize the university’s job guidance facilities.

In addition, Dr. Ahmed Murad honored elite students from the College of Science.  This distinction was based on their cumulative GPA and the number of course hours completed. Also considered was their active participation in various activities. The aim of honoring these elite students is to provide further motivation for them to pursue more academic achievements which facilitates them to further develop self-esteem and gain confidence in their abilities to perform in their studies and future careers. This initiative is in keeping with the vision of the University which aims to prepare graduates that are leaders and pioneers in their specialties.

According to Dr. Ahmed Murad: "Members of the academic and administrative bodies are the most connected with the students. They play an important and active role in providing advice and guidance to students based on their abilities, and this workshop aims to harness their expertise in assisting students in choosing a job that fits life choices, their qualifications and aspirations.  This workshop is part of a series of workshops and lectures prepared by the College for faculty members each year in which the university bestows recognition and appreciation of students. We wish to convey our appreciation, thanks and gratitude for their academic achievements and to motivate them to further achievement and innovation in the future at both the academic and practical levels".

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