The United Arab Emirates University and the Zayed House for Family Care organize an event called ‘Orphan’s Smile’

As part of a community partnership: 

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As part of the ‘Yes to Volunteering’ initiative to care for people with special needs the Student Activities Section organized an event called ‘Orphan’s Smile’ on Tuesday 3rd of May 2016. It was held in the Crescent Building on the UAEU campus, and was also sponsored by the Zayed House for Family Care and the Majid Channel. Dr. Ali Al Kaabi, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment and Student Activities Department representatives were in attendance.

The ‘Yes to Volunteering’ initiative brings hope to the residents of the Zayed House for Family Care in Abu Dhabi Emirate. It is one of several initiatives adopted by the Student Affairs and Enrollment Section as a community outreach projects, It is part of the university’s role in serving the local community and society and also assuming social responsibility.

Dr. Al Kaabi said that, “UAEU constantly pursues communication with wider society through initiatives and community partnerships. It is keen on community service and humanitarian efforts, especially for disabled children without a family to care for them. These initiatives offer hope and enhance social integration and inclusion. They also create channels of communication with various community institutions that help to improve”.

The first part of the ceremony was presented by the Majid media channel. It was a short story read by the Majid character, who asked the children questions and encouraged audience interaction. Afterwards awards were distributed to the winners and the children presented a sketch on UAE heritage. There then followed a number of competitions that created a happy atmosphere enjoyed by audience and participants alike.

At the end of the activity, Dr. Al Kaabi honored the event sponsors.

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