The College of Science organizes a Chemistry Day and Science Exhibition at the United Arab Emirates University

To enhance the dissemination of knowledge:

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The Department of Chemistry in the College of Science at the United Arab Emirates University held a Chemistry Day and Exhibition recently in the presence of Dr. Ahmed Murad, Acting Dean of the college, faculty, staff, company representatives, government agencies and school students.

The Chemistry Day included an exhibition that presented a selection of exhibits from different fields of Chemistry in order to highlight the importance of Science in contemporary society. Additionally, there were presentations on the college’s academic programs and lectures on topics related to chemistry.

Meanwhile, the Department of Geology in the College of Science organized a Science Fair, with Al Ahed School. The fair was attended by both faculty and students. 30 projects were showcased by fifth grade students. They displayed presentations, paintings, models and demonstrations. These projects were evaluated by the professors from UAEU.

The exhibition aims to strengthen interactive learning among young people and familiarize them with the fundamentals of theoretical and applied sciences, This event follows a series of visits by high school students to the university since 2014. They have previously attended lectures from professors in the Geology Department.

These events are due to the university’s vision of leadership, continuous learning and applying the best practices to develop creativity, initiative and excellence in students, as well as providing an exceptional learning environment. UAEU’s vision is based on building partnerships with prestigious academic institutions, global research centers, other organizations and businesses both regionally and internationally in order to share experiences and expertise.


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