College of Engineering of United Arab Emirates University honors its strategic partners

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The Practical Training Unit of the College of Engineering at UAE University organized the final exam party for practical training students on Sunday May 14, 2016.  Presiding was Dr. Sabah Alkass, Dean of the College of Engineering.  In attendance were the Deputy Dean, the Dean assistants, academic and administrative staff and a group of practical training students from this semester. In addition a number of representatives of industrial partners that supervised the practical training of the students, administrators and hiring managers in public and private institutions and authorities, engineers and staff of the Center for Career Placement and Alumni at the University also attended.

Dr. Sabah Alkass welcomed the attendees, and commended the efforts of the industry partners to offer the best training programs for the College students.  The training programs offer students the chance to hone their skills, develop their potential and equip them with practical experience that qualifies them to smoothly transition to the work force after graduation. Dr. Alkass spoke about the importance of the participation of the different sectors in the practical training initiative for students from various disciplines because it benefits all involved.

The College honored the strategic partners, comprised of over 400 companies and government and semi government institutions inside and outside the State.  The partners participated in training the College students during the current semester for 16 weeks from the various sectors of the university. The number of students and trainees in the current semester was 155, both male and female.  The students were assigned to a total of 42 companies and institutions within the State including eight students were sent to the French Dassault Aviation company in France to complete their practical training. In addition, the College honored the students and faculty that won the Excellence Awards, students and faculty members for outstanding research and scientific production as well as faculty members who are leaving the College.

At the end of the current semester, the number of students who have participated in practical training in the College is over 3,800 male and female students since its inception in 1995. This event aimed to promote the University's strategy based on effective communication and building partnerships with prestigious academic institutions, global research centers, organizations and businesses regionally and internationally and to share experiences and expertise and achieve scientific integration.



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