United Arab Emirates University holds third exhibition of geographic research

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The Department of Geography and Urban Planning at the United Arab Emirates University organized the third Geographic Research exhibition on Wednesday, May 5, 2016, in the presence of Dr. Saif Al Qaydi, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. In attendance were a number of faculty and students from the College of Information Technology.

In the opening speech Dr. Qaydi said that this exhibition comes in the context of the University’s keenness to develop the capabilities of scientific research and innovation in the areas of national and regional significance.  He noted the role of the University in the transfer of knowledge and skills to serve the community and to provide its needs in research, particularly in the areas of geography and information.

It is noteworthy that a corner of the exhibition was allocated to celebrate the International Map Year 2016, in order to increase public awareness of the importance of maps and their role in the development and implementation of plans and projects. These play an important role in view of the large movement of humans and their travel, and the need for a tool to identify roads, which is benefits all segments of the society.

The third Geographic Research exhibition included an innovative presentation by Mr. Mustafa Almasawa, Spatial Data Consultant at Municipality of Abu Dhabi City. He provided an explanation of his creation "Navigation and Indoor Positioning Application”, to introduce students to the need to work hard to move ideas into action and turn them into products which can benefit the Emirati and international markets.  Finally, three student winners of the best geographic research were honored.

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