Students of the Colleges of Engineering and Information Technology at United Arab Emirates University showcase their graduation projects

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The College of Engineering at UAE University organized on Wednesday, May 5, 2016, a presentation for college student’s graduation projects. They presented in the presence of faculty and students, at the Information Technology in Al Ain.

Professor Sabah Alkass, Dean of the College of Engineering, said that this event is designed to give the students a real experience in design by making use of basic sciences gained during years of study to create modern products or produce new equipment or upgrade existing operations.  They applied geometric designs with professional qualities for community service, adding that the College of Engineering research projects include research with one specialty and multiple disciplines funded by the College.  In addition, he noted the number University scholarships funded on a competitive basis as well as research projects with external financing from various governmental and industry authorities.

552 students from the chemical engineering, chemical and petroleum engineering, petroleum engineering, civil and environmental engineering and electrical engineering Departments discussed their graduation projects that address real problems from our lives.  Their goal is to resolve these issues in order to benefit the society, companies and the University.

Meanwhile, The College of Information Technology at the University organized presentations of its student’s graduation projects and this was attended by faculty members and college students from the College of Information Technology.  Students presented their projects they had completed during the current semester, which qualifies them to graduate from the College.  These included designs, computer programs and other projects completed within The College of Information Technology. The research covers a wide range of issues related to the needs of the State, which include health, education, information security, microelectronics and energy.

It is worth mentioning that the assessment of the graduation projects is in two phases; the students in the first stage, which included 7 projects, made a questionnaire and produced a plan for the project, did analysis of the requirements, designed their project, and procured the materials. The students in the second phase, which included eight projects, focused on the implementation of their target project.


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