College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the University College honor innovators in the literary competitions

The Department of Arabic Language at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, United Arab Emirates University, organized a ceremony honoring distinguished literary creations on Sunday the 1st of May 2016.  The ceremony was held at the theater of the College of Information Technology building to honor the winners of the first literary contest in the areas of short story, novel, poetry, essay and literature of letters.  It was held in the presence of Dr. Saif Al Qaidi, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, various faculty members in the Department and college students.

Dr. Al Qaidi said that UAE University boasts many talents and creative students in various areas of human and social sciences and by this honoring of the students the university wishes to support and promote young talent that will have a bright future in contributing to the cultural movement in the UAE’s future. He explained that the care and development of talent comes within the University's priorities in its constant pursuit of leadership, and this honoring aims to give care to the talent and search for creators in various areas of the arts through the literary review and criticism of these literary works, and to assess their literary level to be at the level of published works to enrich cultural and literary life.

Winning students were honored in the literary evening.  The winner of the short story genre was Shama Mohamed Al Rihili, for a story entitled "The mind of the heart, heart of the mind".  For the novel genre, Muhra Obeid Al Baluchi won with the story "He, She, But," and the co-winner was Mira Al Thaheri for her published novel "Mole".

In the area of poetry Yasser Mohammed won first place, for his poem "UAE Pulse" while Nouf Salem Al Mamari won second place for her poem "Peace of God, My Homeland."

Also for the field of novels, first place was won by Amnah Al Shekaily with "On the banks of the sound".  Second place was awarded to Ilham Muhammad on her novel "Your life without you."

In the literature of letters Hamda Al Naqi won first place for her letter to “Dear Ghassan Kanafani", while Iman Baluchi won second place for "Gratitude is my pupil and you are my teacher ".

Meanwhile, the University College has honored the winners in the reading and poetry contest. Dr. Hassan Al Naboodah, Dean of the University College said: "The interest in reading is one of the most important pillars upon which the University stands, since the development process in the State needs an educated reading generation that are aware of the overall shifts around them, are capable of creativity and innovation and dealing efficiently and effectively with the times”. He noted that the University College is keen on enriching the culture and knowledge at the University.

For male students, Yasser Mohammed Ahmed won first place and Abdullah Al Thaheri won second place.  Representing the female students, Afrah Al Nuimi came in first place, and Jamila Ahmed won second place.  The ceremony included a presentation of the winning poems in the poetry contest such as the poem "Why" by Wadha Ali, the poem "Ramadan" by Ahmed Ayman, and various other poems.

These activities are organized to stimulate student creativity in all fields, and to achieve the University's role in preserving the country’s language and identity as well as the main means of communication for learning and getting to know other cultures and sciences, and as a major source of language development for the individual, and a source of personality growth.

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