Students of Mass Communication Department and College of Science at UAE University present their graduation projects

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The Department of Mass Communication at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at United Arab Emirates University organized an exhibition of the graduation projects of the students of the Department on Tuesday 10th of May 2016.  The exhibition included a series of campaigns to raise awareness in the society, including “Khair Jalees”, “Kish Malek”, and “Unfollow” and “Save a soul campaigns. The exhibition was attended by faculty members, the Evaluation Committee and university students.

The Department also held an awareness workshop on stuttering and its effect on communication. In attendance was Dr. Muhammed Musa, Chairman of the Department of Mass Communication, along with various faculty and university students. Dr. Muhammed stated: "The problem of stuttering afflicts many people and we have to study this problem and to find all the solutions to resolve it." He added that "philosophers often used awareness for solving problems, therefore this seminar is held today to make the community aware of the problem of stuttering that affects a person’s communication with the rest of the community, and what are its causes, and how to get rid of it. " The seminar hosted cases from the “Stutter UAE” group to talk about the suffering they endure with this problem, and to clarify the most important ways to overcome it.

On the other hand, the College of Science in the University organized a student research projects exhibition, in the presence of Dr. Ahmed Murad, Acting Dean of the College, Department heads, faculty, and students of the University.

Dr. Ahmed Murad addressed the audience and stated "This event is held periodically to focus on presenting student’s projects that are associated with our society in one way or another. These projects are student’s graduation projects or projects by students during the semester in general.” He added, "This event aims to develop students’ skills in scientific research and communicating with others, which helps them to acquire sufficient confidence to show present their projects to students and faculty at local and global conferences in and outside the State. The College of Science’s keenness to give student these skills comes as the basics required by the labor market."

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