The UAEU Science and Innovation Park organizes the first Entrepreneurs’ Project Exhibition

To support emerging Emirati companies: 

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As part of the United Arab Emirates University’s national strategic vision the UAEU Science and Innovation Park organized the first exhibition of projects by emerging Emirati companies in the Crescent Building on campus on Sunday 15/5/2016. Dr. Ghaleb Al Hadrami, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, and Mrs. Shainoor Khoja, Managing Director of the Roshan Community Company (the Corporate Social Responsibility and Lewis Institute Changemaker Award winners – awarded by Babson College, USA) were in attendance. The UAEU Science and Innovation Park encourages postgraduates, scientific research partnerships, entrepreneurs, start-ups and students.

Mrs. Khoja gave a presentation about Roshan Telecom and her experience in entrepreneurship since establishing the company. She discussed the difficulties encountered during her work in Afghanistan and about the successful technical and social impact on the local community of her corporate social responsibility programs designed to support agriculture, trade and health projects in the developing world.

Dr. Nihal Shubrak, Director of the Business Incubators Program presented about the business incubation program and the various programs offered by UAEU to young entrepreneurs. She talked about how to establish local and international companies and reviewed the efforts of the UAEU Science and Innovation Park to attract innovators from various sectors in the UAE.

UAE start-up projects were nurtured by the Business Incubators’ Program at UAEU. The start-up companies provide innovative solutions in areas of national priority such as renewable energy and technology. The Byanato Company specializes in data collection and analysis and presented about marketing products through social networks to reach users around the world.

The Pezo Company for renewable energy solutions presented its smart carpet project that produces kinetic energy to power electronic and electrical devices. This reduces energy use and protects the environment from carbon emissions. This project received approval from the assembled Jury as its aims were to produce alternative energy for public transport, airports and business centers.

The third of these projects was the safe helmet project to protect motorcyclists, The S&S Company was founded at the UAEU Science and Innovation Park. Finally the drone project, SUV-APPs for data analysis, satellite imaging and infrastructure projects promises low costs and is environmentally friendly.

Also, an offer of up to 1 million euros was made to the UAEU Science and Innovation Park by a company seeking direct investment in electronic games.

Dr. Shawqi Kharbash, Executive Director of the UAEU Science and Innovation Park said that, “the university aims for the park to become well-known globally for scientific innovation and to help to build a knowledge economy and aid diversification of the economy in the UAE through the Business Incubators’ Program.”


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