United Arab Emirates University announces the Educational Outcomes Assessment Conference on (14-15) November 14-15, 2016.

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Under the patronage of His Excellency, Dr. Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, Chancellor of the United Arab Emirates University, the University held a press conference, on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, in the Business Center of the Crescent Building.  It announced the organization of the "Learning Outcomes Assessment Conference" in the field of higher education.  The purpose was a broad international participation of a group of consultants, academics, and experts to assess the learning outcomes of institutions of higher education and scientific research from international organizations specialized in this field. It was held in the presence of His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Albaili, Vice Chancellor, Professor Wissam Ibrahim, Director of Program and Curriculum Office, and the members of the Higher Organizing Committee of the conference.

Prof. Mohamed Albaili pointed out that the first national university’s vision of leadership and excellence, at the regional and international levels, is based on the UAE leadership’s vision of strengthening the national strategy for science through the development of higher education and scientific research.  The national priorities for the education sector is to achieve sustainable development through the development of learning outcomes of programs and disciplines. The aim is to work at a steady pace towards the shift towards a knowledge-based economy up to 2030.  This national strategic goal requires the harnessing of all possibilities to achieve the development of the education sector and its scientific outputs in the State.  In addition, another goal is the permanent quest for leadership and excellence in the scientific research fields at the regional and global levels in higher education and scientific research. This necessarily requires the establishment of a platform for evaluating the educational outcomes in the field of higher education.

His Excellency Albaili said: "The Conference is an opportunity for the participants to acquire the basic knowledge of the concepts of learning outcomes assessment and their applications with the development of their leadership experiences in the assessment of learning outcomes at the University. It is also an opportunity to connect with other experts to exchange ideas on the best methods of assessment of learning outcomes. We seek to achieve the maximum benefit from the global experiences and trends in the field of measuring educational outcomes and studying and evaluating the local and international efforts and practices to enrich the scientific aspects in this area.”

During the conference, His Excellency, Mohamed Albaili, announced the creation of the first platform to launch the "Emirates Center for Learning Outcomes Assessment" from the United Arab Emirates University.  The center is expected to play a leading role in the State and the region in adjusting and improving the educational process and providing the necessary training through workshops and specialized courses in the application of the concepts of learning outcomes assessment.  Also, it will work towards the preparation of international experts in this field, in order to achieve the goals of the UAE National Strategy in the evaluation of the educational outputs.

The importance of this conference lies in the link between its findings and recommendations and the strategic objectives set by the wise leadership in achieving the UAE Vision through its national university to lead the future of higher education in the State. This will be done in accordance to the highest international standards adopted in the classification and evaluation of higher education institutions. As the conference sessions lasts for two days, participants will discuss the best global practices in building foundations for the evaluation of academic programs and programs of student Affairs, active participation of faculty members, and other themes which include 30 papers covering various aspects in the assessment of learning outcomes. The conference is also an opportunity for effective communication between experts and decision-makers at the regional and international levels, and it contributes to hold many effective partnerships between the leading education institutions in the region and the world.

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