College of Science of United Arab Emirates University organizes induction meeting for various scientific departments to attract university students

  • كلية العلوم بجامعة الإمارات تنظم اللقاء التعريفي لمختلف الأقسام العلمية لاستقطاب طلبة الجامعة

The College's community members organized a two-day induction meeting for the University students centered on the latest scientific and academic programs offered by the College.  Held in the presence of Dr. Ahmed Murad, Dean of the College, a number of college faculty members, the College’s community members and university students.  The meeting was a part of the efforts exerted by the College of Science to discover talents and develop a desire for science among the university students, by promoting the disciplines and various scientific programs within the College.

Dr. Murad stated that the meeting was part of the efforts of the College of Science to attract students to study science as one of the important foundations for the development of nations and civilizations.  A goal was to promote the joint efforts of the various scientific departments in highlighting the various applications of science in daily life and making them more attractive to students.  He illustrated the job opportunities available now and in the future for the graduates of the science colleges.  He noted that by strengthening the role of the University and its vision of leadership and excellence, in preparing graduates to be pioneers in their scientific specializations it would play its part within the implementation of the national strategy for science and innovation, in line with the vision of the UAE leadership to build a knowledge-based society.  

This meeting included the provision of the "Brief Guide to College of Science" via the Guidance Unit of the College of Science, as well as an open exhibition for the various disciplines and departments of the College of Science; Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Geology.  The departments provided a range of scientific projects, models, and tests, and field models for students, and explained the future vision of the College of Science about subspecialties, academic, scientific research.  It also explained the professional tracks for the College’s graduates in various vital sectors including nuclear energy, water, and renewable energy sources, industry, scientific laboratories, genetic engineering, and other applied sciences, in various regional and international organizations and research centers. They also explained the direct impact of science in strengthening the national strategy for science to build a knowledge-based economy and achieve sustainable development and community well-being, through the promotion of the College's role in supplying the community with national cadres in various scientific disciplines.

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