Our martyrs are the pulse of the homeland, and of our hearts.

UAEU Vice Chancellor Professor Mohamed Albaili marked Martyr's Day recently by saying it is an occasion of pride and glory for every citizen, and a day on which to express appreciation and gratitude to the generous souls who have given their lives to maintain the security and stability of the country. “We feel proud of them and cherish them, those who fulfilled their promise and gave their blood and poignant stories for peace and freedom in the name of truth and justice, and in the service of humanity,” he said.

Professor Albaili added, "Martyr's Day serves to remind us that might and dignity are forged by men who fulfilled their promise, devoted their lives, and made a precious sacrifice for their country, for its maintenance, and for its protection. This has been proved by our nation’s sons in various locations, since loyalty and sincerity are inherent values of the sons of the United Arab Emirates."

He added, “On Martyr's Day we celebrate justice, sacrifice, glory, and the statesmen who bonded together throughout history to preserve and uphold their county and its citizens. United under the wise leadership that nursed its children, we embrace the families of martyrs, with care, appreciation and recognition. Martyr's Day means standing together cohesively and recalling the greatest heroism of our sons in sacrifice and love for their country."


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Dec 13, 2017