The College of Engineering organizes a “Creativity and innovation” contest for its students

To generate creative ideas

The College of Engineering at the United Arab Emirates University organized a contest of creativity and innovation on Monday November 21st, at the Student Activities building on campus. Graduating students contributed 56 research projects and other general ideas came from college students. The contest was judged by 20 evaluators from industrial and specialized enterprises, in the presence of Dr. Sabah Alkass, Dean of the College of Engineering, faculty members and students of the College.

Dr. Sabah Alkass stressed: “The aim of the event is to find creators and inventors of the future, and prepare students to be pioneers and leaders in the various specializations in the College of Engineering". Dr Sabah noted that the College supports students’ ideas and by so doing, advances the National Innovation Strategy.

For his part, Dr. Ali Al Marzouqi, Assistant Dean for Research and Graduate Studies in the College of Engineering, and the contest organizer said: "The interaction of engineering students by participating in the contest was remarkable, with more than 90 projects initially, filtered to 56, the advantage of this type of competition is its contribution to motivate students to generate new ideas, and to work to reassess some innovations already present."

Many projects and innovative ideas won prizes, for example, an optical food scanner, alarm systems for cars, modern designs for mosques, battery operations using water, the design and construction of a heat exchanger and other innovative ideas. The Dean, Dr Sabah AlKass, honored the winning students and thanked all participating students for their research efforts and creative ideas.


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