A research team from the Department of Geology at UAEU is studying rare earth elements on the coast of Abu Dhabi.

 A research team from the Department of Geology at UAEU conducted the first study of rare earth elements in benthic sediment on the beaches of Abu Dhabi, specifically from the Ghantoot area to Abu al Abyad Island. The team of reserachers includes Dr. Mohamed El- Tokhi, Dr. Sulaiman Alkaabi and Dr. Bahaa Eldin Mahmoud, from the College of Science.

The aim of the research is to identify any indication of pollution in marine sediments and to assess the impact of contaminants from Abu Dhabi based industries. Samples from the area were sent to laboratories in Canada for study, and the results proved the high level of distribution of terrestrial elements in the area from Al Bateen Creek to the Golden Island. This is due to the proximity of industrial activity in Musaffah.

The study stressed the need to dispose of industrial waste in the area safely and responsibly. The researchers warn that continued waste disposal in the Gulf waters will have an adverse effect on the ecological balance.

This research comes within a group of studies that the College of Science is working on, to develop the capacity of scientific research and innovation in the areas of national and regional significance.


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