The College of Humanities and Social Sciences at the United Arab Emirates University launches "Hello Innovation" activities

To discover the innovative and creative energies of university students 

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In conjunction with the United Arab Emirates University’s Innovation Week, the Department of Geography and Urban Planning of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences organized "Hello Innovation" activities on Wednesday 23rd November 2016, in the Crescent building auditorium on campus. These activities took place in the presence of Dr. Hassan Alnaboodah, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dr. Khaula Al Kaabi, CEO of Innovation in the University, Mr. Tommaso Gecchelin, global innovation and founder of pioneering and innovative future transportation systems, and a number of innovators and creators in the various sciences and arts in the State, as well as the College of Humanities and Social Sciences family and university students.

Dr. Hassan Alnaboodah welcomed the attendees during his speech, and conveyed to them greetings from Professor Mohamed Albaili, Vice-Chancellor of the University, asserting that the UAEU celebrates its innovative and creative students, and their scientific achievements in the various disciplines within the UAE Innovation Week. This strengthens their leadership roles in meeting the challenges of the future through creativity and innovation in scientific research and its applications, and achieves the vision of the national University in preparing graduates, leaders and pioneers in their fields.

Dr. Khaula Al Kaabi said that a culture of innovation is the key to the progress of any nation. Within the UAEU Innovation Week, the creative and innovative projects of the University students were showcased, including a range of innovative initiatives of the Department of Geography and Urban Planning at the University, with the purpose of improving the quality of life and services in the UAE State. Since innovation is a daily exercise, its impact is seen on innovative research activities and patents, as well as in the design of curricula, teaching methods and the University and community services.

The leading global innovator in the design of future transportation systems, Mr. Tommaso Gecchelin, gave a presentation depicting the future of transportation and the invention of the driverless vehicle and its future applications. He also talked about the challenges facing this project from the design and operational sides for cities of the future.

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