UAEU hosts the Korea Festival 2016 in Al Ain City for the first time

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Recently, the Continuing Education Center at UAEU hosted the Korea Festival 2016. This was to enhance UAE-Korean cross cultural relations and the event included various activities which focused on the many shared social values of UAE and Korea. This is part of the shared vision of the State and the Government of the UAE. Many dignitaries attended, including His Excellency, Park Kang-ho, Ambassador of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Dr. Ghaleb Al Hadrami, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, and Dr. Nabil Bastaki, Director of the Continuing Education Center. Faculty members and college students were also present, as were members of the diplomatic corps of the Embassy of Korea and the expat Korean community resident in the UAE.

At the beginning of the event, Dr. Nabil Bastaki welcomed the Korean delegation and passed to them greetings from his Excellency, the Chancellor of the University, Dr. Ali Rashid Al Noaimi, and Professor Mohamed Albaili, the Vice Chancellor. Dr. Bastaki also thanked the Korean Embassy for their participation in the UAE’s State “Flag Day” event, which was attended by His Excellency, the Korean Ambassador.

At the Korea Festival, His Excellency, the Korean Ambassador, expressed his pleasure and pride in strengthening cultural ties and common humanity between the two countries, pointing out that it is an opportunity to show a modern side of Korean culture, which includes theater, music, dance and cuisine. His Excellency stressed that this would stimulate cultural exchanges in the UAE and the Middle East via the United Arab Emirates University.

Large crowds enjoyed various activities and events that reflected the reality of Korean culture, such as Korean games, traditional clothing made of paper "Origami". They also learned the art of Korean calligraphy and painting with rock colors and a "Hanji" Exhibition, as well as Korean cooking classes and tasting the national cuisine. There were also musical performances and dances by two groups, the “Goblin Party -  dokkaebi” and the B-boying team “Extression Crew, Marionette” which is a European Puppet show with a Korean flavor. In addition, those who attended saw a number of films, animations and other Korean drama, which reflect the reality of Korean culture.



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