College of Law of United Arab Emirates University organizes "Innovation in Legal Education" Seminar

The College of Law of the United Arab Emirates University organized a seminar entitled "Innovation in Legal Education", on Sunday, November 27, 2016.  Mr. Roger El Khoury, from the "Hague Institute for the Internationalization of Law" in the Netherlands, presented the seminar in the presence of Dr. Mohamed Hassan, Dean of College of Law, faculty members, and students.

Dr. Mohamed Hassan explained the seminar is part of the College’s participation in the UAE Innovation Week.  The goal is adopting a project for using new innovative ways in the field of legal education, in order to improve its programs and plans in line with the changing and updated labor market requirements.  The College continues to communicate effectively with the Hague Institute for the Internationalization of Law for the purpose of setting and implementing joint educational programs in the field of legal education.

Mr. El Khoury presented on the areas of innovation in legal education as used by the Legal Innovation Hub.  This involves learning the judicial paths through innovation, creating virtual data, legal content, and a range of innovative and modern methods and styles in teaching university students and law colleges. He gave examples of virtual crime scenes and moot courts in the legal education along with the impact of virtual reality in enhancing the learning process. This is considered an ideal and deeper educational mechanism in terms of providing scientific and academic law content through "virtual reality". He also presented scientific and practical law training models about information technology, international cooperation, and judicial innovations. The computer scientists in "University of London" and "University of Sheffield" developed an algorithm that can analyze the legal evidence, ethical considerations, and predict the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights up to 79% accuracy, by utilizing Artificially Intelligent Judge Development, also called "The Smart Judge", which is currently being developed for the near future.

Mr. El Khoury discussed the moral, social, and cultural consequences of robots in human life in the legal and judicial system.  He talked about the impact of this technological progress on current and future jobs in this sector. He then presented a practical and applied model for innovation in the judicial institutions in the UAE, which is the launch of "UAE Judicial Innovation Centre" during the Innovation Week.  This aims to strengthen the rule of law through innovation, and to be a platform for science and knowledge exchange in the legal field for economic empowerment and development in the State. He also presented an international model for the global judicial innovation in the Netherlands. A website was developed to help citizens who are facing common judicial needs in order to collaborate with the Legal Aid Office in the Netherlands.  This will enable them to solve their problems according to their types and environment. In turn, this led to the launch of the first online judicial platform in the world, "Rechtwijzer", that provides an integrated judicial journey, starting from peaceful diagnosis and dialogue to settle the dispute, all the way to the judiciary verdict, and it is applicable in the Netherlands, England, and Canada.


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