College of Science organizes second Scientific Dialogue Session on "Non-oil Mineral Resources in the United Arab Emirates"

The Department of Geology of the College of Science at the United Arab Emirates University, organized the second Scientific Dialogue Session on "Non-Oil Mineral Resource in the UAE".  It was held on November 14, 2016, at the University Social Club (Al Multaqa). In attendance were Dr. Sulaiman Al Kaabi, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Dr. Khalid Al Bloushi, Head of Department of Geology, and Ms. Salwa Thani from the Ministry of Energy, along with faculty members of the Department of Geology, various faculty members  and a number of university students.

Dr. Ahmed Murad, Dean of College of Science, explained that the second specialized scientific dialogue session about the mineral resources of the UAE is part of the College’s initiatives to present important topics that serve the university and local community. It aims to highlight the importance of applied science in various disciplines and their big impact and role in changing the future through the United Arab Emirates University.  This is in accordance with the national strategy for science and innovation according to the vision of the UAE leadership.  Facets of the strategy include building a knowledge-based society, shedding light on the role of geology in the exploration and management of natural resources and the preservation of non-oil mineral resources in the UAE.  The university uses the latest technology systems in this area through applied research.

Ms. Salwa Thani explained that there is a need for more laws and legislation to preserve these mineral resources. Each emirate has its own authorities and bodies engaged in developing regulations and legislation, such as "Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation".  Their role is to provide laws on mineral resources management, within the legal frameworks of each emirate. 

This session included a group of geologists from the College of Science.  They and others came to determine the mineral resources in the State.  Many questions were asked about these resources.  The session also promoted opportunities of investing in and developing the natural resources, in the long term. The speakers pointed out the standards that must be adhered to in order to take advantage of the mineral resources in a sustainable way for future generations. Various scientific studies and surveys that determine available amounts of minerals were presented. In addition, several models and examples from countries around the world were presented with relation to their investment in, and management of, non-oil mineral resources.  These use the latest scientific and technological systems.  There was an exchange of ideas and suggestions about the need to establish a geological survey authority in the State, and the need for human cadres in the various areas of geology.  In addition, the following questions were discussed: how to deal with the challenges of the future through supporting and attracting the national competencies; enhancing their skills; drawing a road map for the future of geology discovery; and discovering the local and international future opportunities for the graduates in the State through the United Arab Emirates University.

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