“Academic Olympics Day 2016” launched at Crescent Building

Organized by the University College

Recently, the "Student Academic Success Program" in the University College organized an "Academic Olympics Day 2016" in the Information Technology auditorium. This is part of the University's vision of leadership and excellence and its aim is to promote students’ academic skills through extra-curricular activities. This, in turn, will increase happiness and motivation and help to build the character of university students. The event was held in the presence of Prof. Hassan Al Naboodah, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Professor Fouad Estefan, Acting Dean of University College, and Ms. Fatima Tayel, Director of " Student Academic Success Program ". There was also broad participation from the university students, faculty members, and the community members of the University College.

Prof. Hassan Al Naboodah welcomed all participants and conveyed the greetings of Prof. Ghaleb Al Hadrami, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, stressing that these activities and competitions encourage students to learn through the concept of Edu-entertainment. This concept promotes the creative and innovative aspects of student learning through extra-curricular activities, so as to enhance leadership and innovation skills and the motivation to learn, and prepare graduates to become leaders and pioneers in their respective fields.

For his part, Prof. Estefan said: "Such competitions aim to promote the spirit of competition, creativity, and innovation among university students in a fun environment, and to discover their talents through a variety of competitions, including: a Knowledge and Reading Challenge, a Treasure Hunt, an Ask the UAEU Students activity, and also a Spelling and Speaking Competition".

Ms. Fatima Tayel explained that “Academic Olympics” saw a large turnout of students, whose number increased from 653 to 1800 students this year, and that the diversity of competitions this year aims to double the opportunities students will have to participate.

The events included a number of activities, such as a "Knowledge Challenge" contest, organized by the University College, and reading competitions involving the challenge to read 15 books in various fields of science and knowledge. There were also technical contests, such as a model design contest using three-dimensional printing technology, a design of applications for peripheral devices and mobile phones, and APPS contests. In addition, other competitions were in the fields of culture, and there was a public speech contest on various topics.

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