Special Needs Support Center of United Arab Emirates University holds miscellaneous training workshops

The Special Needs Support Center of the United Arab Emirates University, in collaboration with the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, held a training workshop on stress and health for a number of people with special needs from the UAE Deaf Association. The workshop was held on Wednesday, November 2, 2016, at the main building in Al Ain campus.

Dr. Fadwa Al Mughairbi, Assistant Dean of College of Humanities and Social Sciences for Research and Graduate Studies, stressed during the workshop that the aim of this initiative is to engage one category of the citizens in a variety of activities and events to develop their skills. By doing so, it will activate their role in and integrate them into the society.  Dr. Mughairbi referred to the actual attention paid by the country's leadership to all disability categories and the obstacles they faced, through issuing legislation and initiatives concerned with the rehabilitation of people with special needs, while working to integrate them into the community to perform their desired role in advancing development.

In the same context, the Center also organized a workshop in the government Innovation Laboratory entitled "Sign Language". It was conducted by Ms. Aziza Al Hammadi, Rehabilitation and Employment of the Disabled Coach at the Ministry of Interior, Abu Dhabi Police, for the faculty members, staff, and students of the University.  The purpose was to teach the basics of sign language to enhance communication with the deaf and people with hearing disabilities in the society.

Ms. Aziza Al Hammadi gave a presentation included learning the sign language letters and numbers, and ways of communication, as well as a detailed explanation of the basics of the sign language and general terminology that achieve effective communication with the persons with hearing disability. She also presented a number of practical exercises on how to communicate and use the sign language’s letters and numbers. At the conclusion of the workshop, the lecturer answered the questions of the faculty members and university staff about all that is related to learning the sign language.


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