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Launch of programs designed to create a generation of Emirati researchers

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His Excellency Prof. Mohamed Albaili, Vice-Chancellor of the United Arab Emirates University, on Wednesday, November 23, 2016, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the UAE Council of Scientists, represented by Her Excellency Sara Yousef Al Amiri, President of the Council, in the presence of Prof. Ghaleb Al Hadrami, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, at the Crescent Building on Campus.

Prof. Albaili confirmed that the United Arab Emirates University is seeking to strengthen its position globally as a leading academic institution in the field of knowledge economy building, and as a major source for building economic diversity for the UAE. It does this by providing training opportunities for students, and supplying them with scientific knowledge, experience in business development and establishing important partnerships with various authorities. His Excellency said: "The MOU comes within the vision and strategy of the first national university to achieve leadership and excellence at all levels through the exchange of expertise, which enhances the development of scientific programs that develop the skills of the University’s creative students".

Her Excellency Sara Al Amiri said: "The UAE Council of Scientists aims to launch programs to develop a generation of innovative Emirati researchers and scientists, create an environment that stimulates exploration and scientific research in the UAE,  promote studies and innovations in the science and technology sectors of national priority, stimulate mechanisms of cooperation between the universities in the state, and transfer knowledge between the private and public sectors in order to advance the development process based on innovative scientific visions". She stressed that the MOU comes as part of a mutual desire between the UAEU Science and Innovation Park and the UAE Council of Scientists to develop a framework for joint cooperation to support innovation and innovators in the State, and create bridges of cooperation and domestic and international communication in the areas of innovation, as well as to support business incubation programs for entrepreneurs and innovators, promote the marketing of new ideas, products, and innovations, and other aspects of cooperation that the MOU will work to achieve.

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