Dr. Mohamed Albiali receives a delegation from Beijing Foreign Studies University

To promote an exchange of experience and expertise, 

On Thursday 27th of October 2016, Professor Mohamed Albiali, Vice Chancellor of UAE University, received an administrative delegation from Beijing Foreign Studies University. This is part of the University's vision to establish ties with various other educational institutions in an international context.

Dr. Mohamed Albiali stressed the importance of this meeting to achieve excellence in higher education and research at both regional and global levels. He stressed that this would be achieved by building effective partnerships with prestigious academic institutions to exchange experience and expertise and achieve scientific integration. He also noted that such cooperation will contribute to creating a conscious student generation armed with science, and capable of leading in all academic areas in the future.

In turn, Professor Ping Leung, Director of the Beijing Foreign Studies University, expressed his commitment to the arrangement with UAEU, and stressed that the two universities would share experience and professional knowledge in all fields. He also expressed his admiration for the technical and scientific level reached by the University.

Both universities discussed the important aspects of cooperation, such as an exchange of experiences of both faculty and students between the two universities, and also in the possible establishment of a new International College. The delegation was also escorted on a tour around the campus to learn about the various facilities and services at the University.

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