the United Arab Emirates University’s female students participate in "Time for a Book and a Cup of Coffee"

In an effort to create a distinctive environment for reading,

The Libraries Deanship of UAEU launched the "Time for a Book and a Cup of Coffee" event, on Wednesday, October 19, 2016. This was part of a “Month of Reading” event at the University, and in line with the State’s “Year of Reading 2016”. Prof. Ghaleb Al Hadrami, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, and Prof. Ibrahim Mohamed Al-Tenaiji, Director of Libraries Deanship all attended.

Ms. Mouza Al Shamisi, Supervisor of Circulation Services Unit, stressed that this event reflects the aim of the Libraries Deanship to introduce the idea of ​​reading in an innovative way to the University’s community in general. This involves encouraging students to read by providing a convenient environment for them to read in, including a wide selection of books, and cups of coffee for those who come. Ms. Al Shamisi said that the idea of ​​this initiative stems from the relationship that coffee has with both the writers of books and those who read them. Having a coffee and savoring it is something that both enjoy doing whilst in the process writing and reading.

The event was well attended by many from the university community, including faculty members, staff and students. The United Arab Emirates University has two prominent libraries; the Main Library and the National Medical Library.

It is also worth mentioning that the University is planning to hold "Wayyahum Naqra" event next week. This is in line with the wide range of resources and services the University libraries provide, to support learning, teaching, and scientific research in all its academic programs.

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