College of Science organizes scientific dialogue session on "The Role of Mathematics and Physics in Building Human Civilization"

The College of Science of the United Arab Emirates University, organized a scientific dialogue session entitled "The Role of Mathematics and Physics in Building Human Civilizations", on Tuesday, October 18, 2016. It was held at the University Social Club (Al Multaqa), in the presence of Dr. Ahmed Murad, Dean of College, the faculty members of Mathematics and Physics Departments, the College’s community members, and a number of university students.

Dr. Ahmed Murad stressed that this specialized scientific dialogue session with the faculty members on the role of mathematics and physics aimed to highlight the importance of science in various areas of specialization. He noted its important impact on the community, its role in changing the future and developing society, and its contribution in building civilization through scientific edifices.  He pointed out that this was especially so in the United Arab Emirates University, which is making an ongoing positive contribution in supporting the UAE’s progress by preparing graduates capable of taking responsibility.  The university prepares its students to be future leaders, and it also strives to accelerate the future through its specialized science programs, especially in its science colleges. This is in line with the implementation of the National Innovation and Science Agenda based, guided by the vision of the UAE leadership to build a knowledge-based society by highlighting the role of mathematics and physics in building civilizations and advancing the progress of nations.

This session, which included a group of mathematicians and physicists from the College of Science, was held to discuss the importance of science for the students of the United Arab Emirates University, and to attract talented national students. One goal is to discover their tendencies in the various pre-university stages, and to contribute in creating opportunities for the College’s students to face the future challenges as per the priorities of the National Innovation and Science Agenda, through the scientific initiatives, exchange of ideas, and brainstorming.

During the session, various faculty members pointed out the role of mathematics and physics over the centuries, since the Greek, Sumerian, and Pharaonic civilizations up to the present era.  They highlighted ideas such as discovering the theory of numbers up to the 21st century. They also exchanged views, ideas, and suggestions on how to deal with the future challenges to keep up with the National Innovation and Science Agenda, through supporting and attracting the national competencies and enhancing their knowledge skills. The university aims to discover local and international future opportunities for the graduates of mathematics and physics departments in the State through the United Arab Emirates University.

At the end of the session, the speakers stressed that science is the backbone of civilizations which pushes the progress of all civilizations.  They stressed that the countries that seek to increase knowledge among communities should eliminate backwardness, poverty, and ignorance, as science is as necessary for communities like water and air, so it is one of the necessities of life in the community.  Therefore, a modern civilization cannot be built without science being one of its pillars in all areas of life, in order to have a society built on fixed and deliberate foundations.

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