UAEU holds an interactive session entitled "Reading… the Key to Culture’s Door"

In line with the State’s directives of the Year of Reading 2016, 

On Tuesday 2th of October 2016, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, in collaboration with Student Activities, organized an interactive session entitled "Reading… the Key to Culture’s Door". This was part of the University’s events in the “Year of Reading 2016.” Various guest speakers were invited and took part.

The interactive meeting discussed a number of important issues concerning both reading and culture. This focused on, amongst other things, the development of the person as a reader, the importance of reading to a nation’s development, and also how culture can be preserved through the reading process. The meeting also looked at reading through electronic means and its likely future implications.

Dr. Mona Al Bahar, Executive Director of Shaikha Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children, stressed the pioneering role of UAEU in adopting reading activities and the importance of this as a building block of society. She added: “If there were no words and books, our societies will be like trees without any roots”. She also discussed the influence of the virtual world on reading, adding: "no man can reach happiness unless he goes into himself, and he will never reach it without reading."

In turn, Dr. Ahmad Al Najjar, Head of the Department of Psychology at the University, discussed the role of reading in cultural preservation. He stressed that the book and pen are the greatest discoveries of history, saying: "the successful reader is the one who preserves his culture". He also looked at ways to achieve smart reading, through choosing reading material wisely, adding: "it is not enough to be a reader... you should be an intelligent reader; not everything written is true". He concluded with the sentence: “use good reading to be who you want to be".


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