Engineering Deans Council holds its first meeting for 2016

The College of Engineering, in cooperation with the College of Information Technology at United Arab Emirates University held the first meeting of the UAE Engineering Deans Council in the State for 2016.  It was on Thursday, October 20th, 2016 in the Information Technology in Al Ain.  In attendance were Dr. Sabah Alkass, Dean of College of Engineering at the University, Dr. Omar Al Gayar, Dean of College of Information Technology at the University, and a number of Council members from various State universities.

Dr. Alkass stated that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss developments in the world of technology and engineering and to activate partnerships with educational institutions in the State.  The main goal of the partnerships is to contribute to the preparation and equip highly qualified graduates to face all the challenges that they may encounter in their careers.  Dr. Alkass pointed to the role of College of Information Technology in preparing unique and effective curricula that incorporate the latest scientific technology and meet the evolving needs of society.

Dr. Al Gayar pointed out the importance of the University’s collaboration with State institutions in order to develop research and innovative support programs.  One major aim is to discover ways to research solutions that create a sustainable environment for creativity with the goal of reaching higher levels of prosperity and happiness for the society.  Dr. Gayar went on to say that the Council bears in mind the major goal of providing educational services at international standards in partnership with stakeholders along with the need to increase the study of engineering and research development in the UAE to serve the UAE society as a whole.

The meeting discussed several major points such as the importance of creating a research environment suitable for students, exchange experiences and ideas in terms of engineering and information technology, as well as the design of a special website for the Council to discuss urgent matters with ease without having to hold meetings.

Finally, the Council welcomed the new deans who recently joined, and reviewed plans to add new courses such as an innovation and entrepreneurship course.

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