UAEU participates in the 22nd meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council universities and higher education institutions in Saudi Arabia

From 30 - 31st, October 2016, United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) participated in the 22nd meeting of the rectors and presidents of the Gulf Cooperation Council universities and higher education institutions. This was hosted by King Khalid University in Saudi Arabia, and was attended by his Excellency Dr. Mohamed Albaili, Vice Chancellor of the University, Rector of King Khalid University, Professor Dr. Faleh Bin Raja'a Al-Salmi, and Assistant Secretary for Economic and Development Affairs in the Secretariat General Abdullah bin Juma Chebli. Presidents and rectors of other higher education and research institutions of GCC countries also attended the event.

His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Albaili said: “the 22nd regular meeting aims to discuss several areas of interest to GCC male and female students in the higher education and research sector”. In addition, recommendations of the Supreme Council's decision on the vision of the custodian Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud were adopted. These recommendations are consistent with the vision of his Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE State. This involves taking joint action in the development of higher education and research, in order to achieve the objectives of the GCC countries. Through doing so, transformation to a knowledge-based economy will be achieved, one based on the strategic priorities of the countries of the region. This will also ensure leadership and excellence in higher education and research sectors, and a wealth of knowledge for the people of the Gulf area. In addition, a project presented by the sister state of Qatar on joint investment in the education sector will also be adopted by the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Dr. Faleh Bin Raja'a Al-Salmi, Rector of King Khalid University, explained that this meeting was to strengthen joint action, where the College Presidents and Directors of GCC educational institutions reviewed the most important steps that have been completed so far in the international cooperation program between the states of the region and other international organizations. In addition, participants reviewed the Gulf common information base project, called "Bridge", and what has been done to continue the work of the Gulf Cooperation Council in the development of institutions of higher education in the Gulf States.


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