The Vice Chancellor launches hashtag #UAEU_Happy_ With_Reading

On Thursday, October 6, 2016, His Excellency Prof. Mohamed Albaili, Vice Chancellor of the United Arab Emirates University, launched hashtag #UAEU_Happy _With_Reading. This is one of the most important initiatives launched by UAEU during this Year of Reading.

Prof. Mohamed Albaili confirmed that this initiative will encourage the University’s community to engage further in reading, through the use of the above hashtag. He stressed that the Year of Reading is a year for all, calling students, in particular, to share the books they read with their peers. This is part of a wider, national project by the government to make reading a permanent activity in UAE society for generations to come.

His Excellency Prof. Mohamed Albaili said: "The United Arab Emirates University is always keen to play an active part in supporting national initiatives, and it has already launched student clubs for reading, workshops and cultural sessions", adding: "the important part of the University’s mission and vision is to produce a knowledgeable generation that reads, that is able to contribute to the development of the State, and which is aware of national issues. Therefore, the University took the decision to launch hashtag #UAEU_Happy_ With_Reading as part of this ongoing effort to further develop the nation”.

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