UAE University organizes a workshop to review the initiatives and proposals of the happiness team

To promote the leadership’s vision of institutional happiness in the State 

UAE University organized on Tuesday 11th of October 2016, a workshop to review the list of initiatives and proposals addressed by the happinessworking team at the University, in the presence of Dr. Ahmed Aldhelaia, CEO of happiness and positivity in the University, Dr. Rashed Al Zahmi, Deputy Director of the happiness and positivity committee, and happiness ambassadors of department heads at the University, in the business center at the Crescent building.

The workshop aims to review all initiatives and proposals from happiness team at the University, which reached 42 initiatives to achieve happiness in the work environment, as a first phase aimed at pleasing the staff and faculty at the University, to draw a road map to make UAE University one of the happiest work environments in the UAE, in line with the directives of the wise leadership in fostering values of happiness and positivity in all walks of life, and to implement the outcomes of the national strategy for happiness in the State.

Dr. Ahmed Aldhelaia indicated the National Happiness and Positivity Charter, which aims to solidify this concept from the perspective of the UAE State, and sets the obligation of the State towards the society to be achieved as best as can be, through the spread of a culture of institutional happiness and adopt happiness and positive indicators in the work of the Committee.

The workshop addressed several axis to activate the role of the University as a strategic partner to the Happiness Office of the Federal Government, by discussing technical details for 12 ongoing initiatives on preparing their practical application during the next period of the current academic year 2016-2017, and to discuss the proposals and opinions of the happiness ambassadors of department heads at the University, which were approved by the senior management, through continuous monitoring of the outputs of the work of the happiness team working group, within the UAE University’s vision for leadership and excellence at all levels.

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