Student Activities Department of United Arab Emirates University organizes World Heart Day event in collaboration with N.M.C Hospital

"Your Health is in Your Heart’s Strength"

The Male Student Activities Department of the United Arab Emirates University, in collaboration with N.M.C Hospital, organized a health awareness event on the occasion of World Heart Day.  This event occurs annually on the 29th of September. The event took place on Monday, October 3, 2016, at the Sports Complex on campus and Seeh Bin Ammar Housing. In attendance were students, members of the Student Activities Department, and the University staff. 

This event aims to celebrate World Heart Day through raising the awareness of students and university staff to the importance of preserving public health and periodic check-ups of cholesterol, diabetes, and blood pressure, which gives vital indicators of the circulatory system in the human body.

The event included raising awareness of the dangers of heart disease and how to avoid it, the importance of healthy nutrition, and check-ups for (BMI- Body Mass Index), and diabetes. It also stressed awareness of the importance of early check-up and periodic follow-up, development of new healthy diet habits that enhance the prevention of heart disease, and offering medical advice to participants on how to control the influencing factors to reduce premature deaths from Cardiovascular Diseases.

The World Heart Day is an initiative launched by the World Heart Federation in 2000, and it is an opportunity to raise awareness of cardiovascular diseases, motivate people to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, and push them to make healthy choices in their daily lives, in order to reduce the risk of heart disease.  It is estimated that heart disease is the main cause of the death of 17.3 million people around the world.  Reducing this number can be achieved through a series of steps, such as reducing the proportion of salt in the food, exercising daily, and staying away from junk food or fatty foods.

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