Hussain Al Hammadi: the development of education is an imperative matter that requires effective community partnerships

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His Excellency Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Minister of Education, reviewed the Ministry's efforts and its development plans in the Education Sector on Thursday, October 27, 2016.  This was held through the open meeting hosted by the United Arab Emirates University, in Al Ain, as part of the community partnerships. The Ministry is keen to conduct field visits to educational institutions to introduce the students, academics, and educational specialists to the volume of work and the role required to support efforts to achieve the goals of development. The Minister commended the central and primary role in the education system as played by the United Arab Emirates University since its inception.  Great gains have been made in its educational outcomes that have effectively contributed to the development of the State. The meeting was attended by Professor Mohamed Albaili, Vice Chancellor of the University; Her Excellency Kholoud Al Qasimi, Assistant Undersecretary for Oversight at the Ministry of Education; Her Excellency Khawla Al Mualla, Assistant Undersecretary for Curriculum and Assessment; and a large gathering of university students.

His Excellency Hussain Al Hammadi said, "The University is a major provider of much expertise and qualified national human cadres for the community in various fields. It has been playing an important role in the developmental process in the country".  He praised the efforts made by the University’s academic cadres in the name of development as well as the introduction of the current curriculum, approved by the Ministry of Education.  He explained that the development of education is an integrated and participatory process that affects all aspects of the educational process.  All of this is in order to achieve a quantum leap in education, in line with the directives of the leadership and the UAE Vision to achieve its national agenda aimed at the transition to a sustainable knowledge-based economy. 


The Minister also paid special attention to education in its overall policies and developmental programs, and he called for the need to unite the various segments of society and government departments and authorities for the success of the Ministry's plans.  The overarching goal is to make a large leap in the various stages of education in preparation for that transition. The Ministry is seeking to achieve an effective community partnership, especially with parents, because of their pivotal role in achieving the educational objectives desired. He also noted that the Ministry will spare no effort in its quest for achieving educational outputs that keep pace with the needs of society, while putting the State’s education system in the global competitiveness circuit in terms of the scientific skills and knowledge.  This is knowledge that must be transmitted to the students in the UAE's school, based on innovation and leadership. His Excellency reviewed the aspects of development and change at the Emirati school, where the curriculum has been developed and adapted in the various stages of education, and where the Section System was abolished and replaced by the two-lane system; General Education and Advanced Education. In addition, there was also the development of the elite track for the geniuses.

The Minister also spoke about the foundations in the curriculum development, which took into account the various aspects that enrich the thought and mind of students.  The goal is to prepare them for the future, so that they become equipped with different skills, while instilling noble values, strengthening national identity, and stimulating innovation, creativity, and critical thinking in all students.

The Minister also pointed out that the Ministry of Education's efforts are currently focused on harmonizing educational outcomes with the needs of the market.  This has called for the establishment of the Education and Human Resources Council, which will control, monitor, and follow up on the stated needs above.  This requires coordinated efforts with the Ministry, especially after the Ministry of Higher Education has come under the aegis of the Ministry of Education.  The Minister stressed that the UAE has all the possibilities to achieve an impressive leap in the sectors of education, and that after three years, the UAE will witness a significant change due to development plans initiated by the Ministry in the education sector. It will begin to achieve the desired education outcomes according to the highest international standards, calling on the university students to study scientific disciplines due to the increased demand for them in the various fields of knowledge in the State.

His Excellency also discussed the development of vocational education systems and development of plans for all students who have not been able to pursue their general education, and working with specialized authorities on the development of educational systems for the childhood care stage for the three- year -old children.

In turn, His Excellency Dr. Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, Chancellor of the United Arab Emirates University, stressed the importance of a concerted educational system in the State with all its institutions, in order to achieve the National Vision 2021. The goal is to work to support the UAE national school with research and academic cadres of the University, which have been playing an important and effective role in the education system in the State.  Dr. Al Nuaimi said, "The keenness of the wise leadership on education has transformed the old traditional school to a modern Emirati school that keeps pace with global changes. The Emirati student reflects the concept of continuing education, and possesses knowledge and advanced skills, and the first national university will continue being an active part of the comprehensive national strategy".

It is noteworthy that the Ministry organized an exhibition to introduce the developed curriculum, and another exhibition to identify the importance of innovation contained the UAE schools’ curriculum.

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