The United Arab Emirates University holds an induction meeting for new UAE national faculty

The Teaching Assistants Office at the United Arab Emirates University held an induction meeting for UAE national faculty members on Wednesday, October 12, 2016, in the Business Center on the Al Ain campus. Professor Ghaleb Al Hadrami, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies was present as were a number of faculty.

Professor Al Hadrami explained that this meeting was to introduce the UAE national faculty to the promotions and incentives offered by the university. He pointed out that a professional development program had been specifically designed for UAE national faculty to provide them with wider opportunities to develop their professional and research skills by attending scientific conferences, workshops and training courses.

He also noted that the university is continuously updating its programs to increase the number of UAE national faculty. This includes the development of the National Teaching Assistant Program that provides scholarships for talented graduates who have the desire to pursue higher studies and work in academia. The scholarship for teaching assistants includes a monthly stipend, full tuition expenses for Master’s and Doctoral degrees, health insurance, annual flight tickets for the student and their families, children’s education allowance and academic assistance.

Dr. Asma Al Menhali, an assistant professor in the College of Science, emphasized the importance of faculty conducting research. This helps to build for the future. She stressed the need to seize the opportunities offered by the university and highlighted that UAEU offers many courses and educational workshops for new faculty.

The number of UAE national faculty at the United Arab Emirates University continues to grow in line with the vision of building a national base of teachers with academic and research competencies.


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