“An artist’s feather” an exhibition by a UAEU student on the “Visual reading of paintings”

As part of the Year of Reading 2016

The Cultural and Art Activities Unit for female students at the United Arab Emirates University organized an art exhibition entitled “An Artist’s Feather” by Aisha Abdel Aziz Al Ahmad, a student of the College of Education, on Sunday 16th, October 2016 on the Al Ain campus. She displayed her work as part of the Year of Reading as UAEU encourages artistic and cultural talent via extracurricular activities. These activities better prepare graduates for leadership and also encourage students to enjoy paintings and learn the visual language that enhances their appreciation, creativity and innovation.

This exhibition was an expression that reflected the artist’s personal character in her paintings. There was work rich in color and other pieces that reflected the identity and values of society through painting. She used acrylic colors and the paintings showed portraits of people of different ages, landscapes and national dress in the UAE.

Such paintings require a fertile imagination and an artistic touch. Her paintings make you feel as if you have entered into the painting and they make you feel that you are seeing the painting come alive as if it is a living thing. Aisha accurately drew a whole collection of paintings that utilized many ideas and made you feel that each painting contained more than one scene.



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